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Stop wasting money, water and time dragging those hoses around. Have Grasshopper Irrigation install an Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System
FREE Upgrade to a WIFI controller with new install! Automatically adjusts watering times using the Local Weather Service.
Lawn Sprinkler System
Landscape Lighting
Wifi Weather Controllers
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Fall Winterizing
Service on all Brands

Receive a
WI-FI Controller 
with any 
irrigation install
(a $200.00 Value!)
Already Have An Irrigation System?

Upgrade your controller to WIFI

and save up to 30% on your water bill!

Uses the Local Weather service to automatically adjust watering times.
 Automatic watering or sprinkler systems 
— known in the trade as irrigation systems 
— deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time.
 Efficient irrigation systems:
Minimize overwatering while keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and healthy.
Adjust watering automatically to account for rain and other conditions.
Put every drop of water to work by minimizing evaporation and waste.
Make maintaining your yard easy and convenient.
With just a few simple strategies, it’s easy to save water, save money and see better results:
Plant right.
Invest in an irrigation system.
Water wisely.
Maintain and upgrade your system.
Work with an irrigation professional.